MG CD Racer Competition.


The 2013 Pride of Longbridge hosted the first MG CD racers competition for children at Cofton Park Birmingham on 13 April.

It was won by Joe Cowen, aged 10 from Kenilworth, whose racer 'Hammerhead' came through the heats to claim the prize of a Corgi Vanguards MGB model set.  Joe's Dad Andy Cowen, a member of the Rover Coupe Owners Club, owns a 220 Turbo 'Tomcat' and was pleased that Pride of Longbridge has added this extra dimension to get kids more involved in the community event.

The runners up spot was taken by 11 year Oliver Richardson from Rednal whose racer 'Swift' ran Hammerhead very close for the win. The best decorated prize of a Corgi Vanguards Mini set was won by Tom Watts from Bourneville who'd produced a racer that looked like a hotdog sausage in a bun! 10 year old Molly Stanley from Birmingham was the only girl to enter and received 4th prize a Corgi Model of Paul McCartney's Mini Cooper S.


The MG CD Racers event was organised jointly by ALF, MG Motor and the MGCC whose Rocker Box racing ramp was used. The models had to be home built, use CDs or DVDs as wheels and powered only by the gravity of the ramp on the 6 metre long course. The prizes were presented by local MP Richard Burden and Simon Bennett from the MG Sales Centre at Longbridge.

Left to Right - Tom Watts age 12 - best decorated model,
Richard Burden MP - local MP for Longbridge - presented prizes,
Joe Cowen age 10 - Overall winner,
Oliver Richardson age 11 - 2nd prize winner,
Simon Bennett = MG Sales Centre Longbridge,
Molly Stanley - age 10 with her racer 'Con 8'