Austin Longbridge Federation.

        At the Federation Annual General Meeting held on 15 October 2011, the Federation was re-named,  becoming the Austin and Longbridge Federation  (ALF).

        ALF is a federation of clubs and individuals which aims to Preserve the Heritage of Austin and Longbridge by,

       Promoting all clubs associated with the various marques - Austin, Wolseley, Riley, MG, Rover, Vanden Plas.

       Co-organise the Pride of Longbridge Rally annually in April

Promote the heritage element of the Longbridge Redevelopment.

To go along with these changes, we also have a new logo.

       In recent years the name 'Austin' has been noticeably absent in the arena of British  car  making.  In  fact, no Austin's  have  been   manufactured at Longbridge or anywhere else since 1986, although car production at Longbridge was continuous until 8th April 2005

       The name  of 'Austin', surely one of the greatest in British and International motoring that gave  the world a  complete  range  of  automobiles  from 'motoring for the millions' to 'carriages for the gentry' is in danger of sinking   into   obscurity.   The   time  is  right   to  bring together    all    interested     parties    into   the    Austin Federation to ensure that the great name lives on.

      The  above  words  were  written  in  the  spring of 2001, and were circulated to all likely interested parties,  resulting  in  an inaugural meeting being held later   that   year  at  the  MG-Rover  Visitors  Centre  to discuss  the  formation  of  an  Austin  Federation, and how the  1955  Golden  Jubilee  Celebrations could be recreated   in   July   2005   to   mark   the Centenary of 'Austin.  Attending the  meeting  were  representatives  from many Austin Car   Clubs,  the  Austin  Ex-Apprentices  Association, and  the  Austin  Village  Trust.   At  a  later  meeting in 2002,  the  Federation  of Austin Clubs, Registers, and Associations was voted into existence. 


      The  primary  Objectives  of  the  Federation are to Preserve and Promote the Name and former Products of the 'Austin Motor Company'. One way in which this was achieved was by re-creating the 1955 golden Jubilee Celebrations by staging  the largest gathering of Austin products at Cofton Park (opposite the main gate of the Longbridge works) for the Centenary Celebration in July 2005. Other aims are the sharing of technical information  amongst  members,  and  the publication of a Federation newsletter to be circulated to all members.

         Responsibility  for  the  day to day management of the Federation  is  in  the  hands  of it's elected committee. An  annual  general  meeting  is  held  in  October  each year.  In   addition,   there   are   generally   three  other meetings   to   discuss   progress  with  the Centenary Event, and other matters. 

       In early October 2004 the Federation became a limited company. More information on this will be published here as it becomes available.

Principal Committee Members are:

Chairman,                                  John Baker.

Vice Chairman,
                         Rev Colin Corke.

Secretary,                                 Chris Tallents.

Treasurer,                                  Mike Lashford.

 Membership of the Federation is open to all clubs, Registers, and  Associations  whose purposes include the perpetration of the 'Austin' marque and  the preservation of the products and history of the 'Austin Motor Company'.   The cost of annual membership is now  10 for clubs, or 5 per individual - payable/renewable on April 1st.  If you or your club  would like to become a member, then please get in contact by email, or click the link to view and print a form
Membership Application Form.


Austin 1800.  Photo thanks to Ken Green.
 Landcrab Owners Club.


Metro 1.3L. Owner Harry Parker. 


Austin A35 Owner Roy Chamberlain,
A30 / A35 Owners Club.


Maxi 1750 HL. Photo thanks to Denise
Holloway.  Maxi Owners Club.


Princess HLS, owned by Keith Wilson.
 Princess and Ambassador Owners Club.


Mini.  Photo supplied by Tamworth
 Mini Centre.


Ambassador VDP.  Photo thanks to Alex
 Sebbinger. Princess and Ambassador
 Owners Club.


Montego.  Photo thanks to Jonathan Sellars,
  Maestro and Montego Owners Club.