Austin Centenary Weekend at Longbridge.

1903 Wolseley 10 HP.  Herbert Austins first car design.

The Austin Centenary Weekend at Longbridge is  now over, by just a few hours.  Not enough time has passed to prepare and publish the full and detailed rally report which will follow when all the necessary information becomes available.   Thankfully, the weather was perfect, with sunshine and cloudless skies all weekend.  Many visitors tell us how very much they enjoyed the weekend, and the smiles on the sunburnt faces of the organising committee members at the end of the event on Sunday evening said it all.

Although the Centenary Event is now a part of "Austin History", the work of the Austin Federation needs to continue in this second century to ensure that future generations are made aware of the wonderful achievements of the Austin Motor Company and it's successors. Who else will now be speaking for Austin?

Below are a selection of photographs taken over the three days of the event.

A small corner of the campsite:

John Sentamu - Anglican Bishop of Birmingham leading a service of Christian Worship.

Part of the rally field seen from the campsite.

Centenary Medals presented to owners of vehicles who were part of the cavalcade.